Keep funnel-shaped conversion path flowing 

A conversion funnel is a path that a potential customer goes through before they finally buy from your store. In this book, we will learn from examples of 100+ successful dropshipping stores on Shopify, Shopbase, etc. to effectively improve your conversion rate, and save the spending on user acquisition.


What's the secret sauce of 6-figure dropshipping stores? We reviewed +100 successful dropshipping stores on Shopify, ShopBase, and other eCommerce platforms & explore the same pattern in their conversion funnel, showing you those tactics to find the most effective ones that drive REAL money. 

  • Chapter 1: Conversion Funnel
  • Chapter 2: Product Research
  • Chapter 3: Facebook Video Ads
  • Chapter 4: Product Page
  • Chapter 5: Cart Page
  • Chapter 6: Checkout Page


If you want to make more sales for your dropshipping stores, this book is for you. There is no bullsh*t. All of the tactics in this ebook work like a charm. You’ll be shocked.


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"Understanding your customers and flexibly executing strategies that resonate with them are critical to driving positive results."