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A conversion funnel is a path that a website visitor goes through before he finally buys from your store. 

If you want to make more sales for your dropping store, improve your conversion rate, and save the spending on user acquisition, this book is for you.

All of the tactics in this ebook are the same pattern of 100+ successful dropshipping stores on Shopify, ShopBase, etc.


  • Chapter 1: Conversion Funnel
  • Chapter 2: Product Research
  • Chapter 3: Facebook Video Ads
  • Chapter 4: Product Page
  • Chapter 5: Cart Page
  • Chapter 6: Checkout Page

There are tons of blog posts, ebooks, and the like that list 50, 100 or even 150 conversion tactics.

Those lists are fine if you need more time on testing to figure out which actually works with a dropshipping store.

That's why we are here to help.

We’ve had years of experience doing dropshipping and working with many dropshippers all over the world. We analyzed 6-figure dropshipping stores to find out what brings them success. Their success pattern in their conversion funnel are shared via this ebook with 6 chapters 


All-in-one eCommerce solution for dropshipping. ShopBase is a 130+ person team having offices in Hong Kong, U.S and Vietnam. In the last 6 months, ShopBase has around 6,000+ dropshipping merchants at this moment. We already have some merchants hit $100,000, $800,000, $1mil and even $3mil a month. Visit for more details.

"Understanding your customers and flexibly executing strategies that resonate with them are critical to driving positive results."